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Shilia™ famille de polices

Conçue par  Mamoun Sakkal en 2019

Jusqu'à 3 Polices de caractères / 3 Coffrets Promotionnels

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Elegant and sophisticated, Shilia™ is the ideal choice for any bilingual project and for use in international corporate branding and communication. Shilia is one of the most extensive bilingual Arabic typeface families available on the market today, its Arabic characters are harmonious with sans serif Latin fonts.

Newly extended to include 21 styles in normal, condensed, and compressed versions. Along with the Arabic characters, it includes matching Latin letters of Adrian Frutiger’s Linotype Univers® family, making Shilia intrinsically suitable for setting bilingual texts or for use in global and refined publications.

Shilia’s clear and well-balanced forms are modern and streamlined without appearing sterile or artificial. With 1,850 glyphs, the typeface family supports Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Panjabi, and Baluchi as well as European languages. It also has stylistic sets to allow for setting Arabic text in North African (Maghrebi) styles.

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Shilia™ Family Pack

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Shilia™ Condensed Pack

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