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Brioso™ famille de polices

Conçue par  Robert Slimbach en 2004

Jusqu'à 4 Polices de caractères / 4 Coffrets Promotionnels
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Brioso Pro is a new typeface family designed in the calligraphic tradition of the Latin alphabet. Brioso displays the look of a finely-penned roman and italic script, retaining the immediacy of hand lettering while having the scope and functionality of a contemporary composition family. Brioso blends the humanity of written forms with the clarity of digital design, allowing designers to set pages of refined elegance. Designed by Robert Slimbach, this energetic type family is modeled on his formal roman and italic script. In the modern calligrapher’s repertoire of lettering styles, roman script is the hand that most closely mirrors the oldstyle types that we commonly use today; it is also among the most challenging styles to master. Named after the Italian word for “lively,” Brioso moves rhythmically across the page with an energy that is tempered by an ordered structure and lucidity of form.

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Brioso Volume

 (10 Polices de caractères) -  1 variant
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Brioso Opticals

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Brioso Poster Volume

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Brioso Complete Family Pack

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