Galerie typo – ITC Freemouse

Font Designer: Slobodan Miladinov, 1996

Very different from his earlier ITC faces, Slobodan Miladinov’s ITC Freemouse™ is still the result of the tension between the computer and the hand. "Freemouse was my first experiment in creating type using only the computer as a design tool", says Miladinov. "I wanted to sublimate the spontaneity and expressivity of calligraphic writing with the modern, slightly digital outlook of a completely on-screen generated typeface." He started by drawing the letterforms using only the mouse. "At that step, I paid special attention to preserving the emotional color and energy of personal calligraphic gesture/movement. After converting the lines to a path, I achieved the contrast between thin and thick strokes by manipulating the Bézier curves, partly following the logic and experience of italic lettering."
Freemouse has the look of a chancery italic, but with a backward flip to some of the letters and a very lively contrast of stroke and curve. "That game of improvisation", continues Miladinov, "determined unexpected, random effects, especially in the details, that would be impossible to get and control in conventional pen-on-paper calligraphy."
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of ITC Freemouse as a PDF.

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