Alice Savoie

Alice Savoie is a talented young type designer, already an award winner. Her love for type was sparked during her college years when she was inspired by teachers passionate about type.
Alice achieved an MA with distinction in typeface design at Reading University in 2007, and, in the same year, won the award for the best Greek text typeface during the International Conference on Typography and Visual Communication in Thessaloniki, Greece. Alice worked in graphic design practices in Prague and London, but her enthusiasm for type led her to Monotype, joining as a typeface designer in 2008. Her current work consists mainly of custom type designs, as well as new additions to the Monotype Library. She has also developed various non-latin scripts such as Greek, Cyrillic and Thai. Of the non-Latin scripts, Alice particularly enjoys drawing Greek.

Her projects have included the development of new weights and OpenType Pro character sets for Felbridge™, a sans-serif typeface family initially designed by Robin Nicholas; she has also designed a condensed version of Felbridge, as well as a Greek and a Cyrillic, intended to be used on mobile devices. In 2008, she worked with Patrick Giasson to extend the range of weights of the Times headline typefaces. Recent work includes developing headline fonts for Ysobel™, a new series of Monotype typefaces intended for newspaper use.