Grand Atlantic famille de polices

Conçue par  Emil Karl Bertell

Grand Atlantic is a powerful display package by Fenotype. It’s a genuine Brush script packed with features and Swoosh extras and it’s a striking condensed flared serif in two weights, designed with the same sharp edges on the flares as the Brush. Together they make stunning logotypes, posters or headlines. On top of that there’s a “Printed” version of each. Printed versions are the same but with rugged outlines and a print texture.

Grand Atlantic is great for creating powerful identities for artisanal coffee brands, craft beer, organic juice or a sports teams.

Grand Atlantic Brush is equipped with Standard Ligatures and Contextual alternates that help keeping the connections between letters smooth. They’re automatically on as you should normally keep them. On top of that Grand Atlantic Brush has Stylistic, Titling and Swash Alternates for standard characters if you need more ornamental letters and if you want to break up the rectangular word shapes. There’s even more alternates in the glyph palette, making it total more than 600 glyphs.

Grand Atlantic Swoosh contains 52 shapes designed to go with the Brush. There’s many “terminal swashes” that you can put in the end of a word and it will connect to the last letter, and swirl under the word from there.

Grand Atlantic Swoosh Print Regular

Les fontes d’ordinateurs de bureau sont conçues pour être installées sur un ordinateur et avec des applications. Une licence par ordinateur.
Les polices Web à la carte sont autorisées pour un certain nombre de pages vues.
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Une licence Digital Ads vous permet d’intégrer des polices Web dans des publicités numériques, telles que les publicités HTML5. Cette licence est basée sur le nombre d’impressions publicitaires.
Grand Atlantic

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Nom du fichier: Grand-Atlantic-Swoosh-Print.otf
Nom du menu Windows: Grand Atlantic Sw P
Nom PostScript: , GrandAtlanticSwP-Regular
Nom PostScript complet: , GrandAtlanticSwP-Regular
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US$ 10
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