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Sequel Sans

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Sequel Sans famille de polices

Conçue par  Oliver Jeschke

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Sequel Sans is a new chapter in the book of neogrotesque typefaces. Its core idea and its name were conceived in collaboration with the max bill georges vantongerloo foundation. The main inspiration for its design were the sans-serif typefaces used by Max Bill, the larger-than-life Swiss architect, artist, and designer. Honoring these roots, I designed Sequel Sans to be a clean and adaptable font family that is built upon a comprehensive system of styles. 8 weights, each with a corresponding italic, and a matching set of Variable Fonts are available in 4 optical sizes. These range from standard (for text sizes) to Subhead to Headline to Display—larger optical sizes come with tighter spacing and a number of gently adjusted glyph shapes. Like the great neogrotesques found in mid-century Swiss Style designs, Sequel Sans is a vessel that you can fill with any kind of content. It will amplify your message while retaining its own modernist character.

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