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FF Utility®

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FF Utility® famille de polices

Conçue par  Lukas Schneider

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FF Utility

The FF Utility® font family is a modern, well-equipped square sans, a versatile tool that is universally applicable. Lukas Schneider designed the first styles of the font as a part of his thesis at the Offenbach College of Design (HfG). He later added two light styles and thoroughly revised the whole font design.
While the delicate structure of the two light styles makes them ideal for application in larger font sizes like headlines, the bolder styles are perfect for text, since the large x-height and open forms ensure great legibility. The slanted ends and the striking, cut-off points lend the font a light, friendly flair. Alternative characters for “a” and “g”, four different number sets and small caps for all seven weights give you the typographic flexibility you need for your projects.
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