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Waters Titling™

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Waters Titling™ famille de polices

Conçue par  Julian Waters en 1997

Jusqu'à 12 Polices de caractères / 1 Coffrets Promotionnels
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Waters Titling is the work of lettering artist Julian Waters, a multiple master typeface of classical calligraphic roman capitals. This broad-tipped pen design is related to other historically-based titling alphabets but offers a wider range of weights and widths, making it extremely versatile for movie titles, book jackets, posters, banners, calendars, etc. Waters Titling is based on the timeless Roman monumental inscription forms of almost 2000 years ago, but also has a touch of contemporary vigor and flair. The design displays a strong calligraphic thick/thin stroke weight contrast and flowing, subtly bracketed serifs. In lighter weights, Waters Titling is elegant and delicate, while the bolder weights offer a more substantial sparkle.

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Waters Titling™ Light

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