Ransom Clearcut NF famille de polices

Conçue par  Nick Curtis

New font releases in December 2014

Large families with a distinctive edge for
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Go on an expedition. We’ve picked out text and headline fonts, families large and small, as well as beautiful calligraphy for you from recent new arrivals. With the in some cases very large and extremely flexible font families, you not only expand your inventory, but also create the basis for perfect designs.

Madre Script (Typefolio)

Uniform shapes lend Madre Script from Marconi Lima a harmonious and friendly rhythm, interrupted only by a few small curves and ornaments. Use Madre Script for the design of titles, logos and packaging, for example.

Catalina (Kimmi Design)

The Catalina extended font family by Kimmy Kirkwood provides you with very different handmade fonts that cover many genres and areas of application. Use hand-painted block letters, lively script fonts, or the two symbol fonts to customize menus or product packaging with the dynamic and personal character of Catalina.

RBNo3.1 (Rene Bieder)

RBNo3.1 from Rene Bieder has a geometrical and technical flair. The extreme x-height in the nine weights lends the font a compact character that is effective in headlines and logos, but also in short passages of text.

Harlean (Laura Worthington)

A rough outline, unusual letter forms and a very dynamic appearance make Harlean from Laura Worthington a script font to remember. Take advantage of countless letter alternatives, swash characters and ligatures to add unique character to your designs.

Clasica Slab (Latinotype)

Slightly conical stem shapes in the style of Optima and a subtle contrast in stroke weight in Clasica Slab from Enrique Hernandez scale back the technical nature of many slab serif fonts. The result is a font with a very warm and friendly appearance.

Macarons (Latinotype)

The letters of Garamond served as a template for Macarons by Guisela Mendoza. The clear, hand-painted shapes make the font less austere, however, and lend it a very personal character. Catchwords, pictograms and ligatures help you create a dynamic and varied design.

Modernica (Latinotype)

Beveled line ends, round points and the occasional curve bring variety and personal character to the sans serif Modernica by Javier Quintana. The well-equipped font is suitable for both texts and headlines and logos.

Fixen (Fontyou)

Engraved letters inspired Yannick Fischer’s font Fixen. Unusual cuts in the letters draw attention to themselves and lend the font a special character.

Filson (Mostardesign Studio)

The structured grotesque Filson by Olivier Gourvat covers a wide range of applications. The full-featured font offers all the typographic options like ligatures, different number sets and letter alternatives, which makes it great for large projects, as well.

Ransom Clearcut (Nicks Fonts)

The template for the noble copperplate font Ransom Clearcut by Nick Curtis was the writings of brothers Barnhart & Spindler from the 1920s. The capitals of the elegant headline font, with their big swings and many ornaments, recall initials.

Ameglia Italic (Eurotype)

Rough shapes add a little historical flair to the otherwise highly ornamental and noble Ameglia Italic by Carine de Wandeleer. The large swings of the font give your designs a logo-like character.

Australis Pro Swash (Latinotype)

Allusions to a fountain pen give Australis Pro by Francisco Galvez a noble and somewhat dynamic character. In addition to the normal italic styles, a very peppy energetic swash variant is available.

AZ Indian (Artist of Design)

The brushwork AZ Indian is derived from an Indian motorcycle logo from the early 20th century. They dynamic character of the letters shines in the larger font sizes, in particular.

Gesta (Rui Abreu)

The curved lines of the square sans Gesta by Rui Abreu create a modern look in a striking and warm atmosphere. The font, well equipped with four weights, is effective even in small font sizes, thanks to a large x-height.

Grafolita Script (Rui Abreu)

Grafolita by Rui Abreu is a warm and casual typeface that recalls the vibrancy of a script font, but does not attempt to emulate one. The loosely connected letters lend the font a warm and personal character.

Roihu (Mika Melvas)

Very reduced forms characterize the sans serif Roihu from Mika Melvas. The open and spacious shapes of the square sans have a technical, slightly futuristic look. Small caps and old-style figures as well as some ligatures round out the options in this full-featured font family.

Ransom Clearcut NF

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Les fontes Web sont utilisées avec la règle CSS @font-face. La licence a une durée illimitée.
Les polices d’applications sont adaptées à l’intégration dans les applications mobiles. La licence est valide pour respectivement une application et repose sur le nombre d’installations de l’application.
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Les fontes pour serveurs peuvent être installées sur un serveur ou p. ex. être utilisées par des processus automatisés afin de créer des éléments. Chaque serveur possède une licence valable un an.
Vous pouvez utiliser ce type de licence pour intégrer des polices Web dans des publicités numériques, comme dans les annonces rédigées en HTML. Les licences s’appliquent pour un nombre défini d’impressions publicitaires sans limitation dans le temps.
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