Philip Bouwsma

Using digital technology, Philip Bouwsma synthesizes contemporary type styles with traditional and historic scripts and symbols from the Middle Ages and Renaissance. A lifelong calligrapher, Bouwsma also expresses his passion for the calligraphic form into his work. He attended the University of California at Berkeley, majoring in history and Greek. His love of letters, however, lured him away from arcane history to a career filled with art, design and the alphabet. Over the years, Bouwsma has worked as a book and advertising designer, has created and exhibited fine art, and has taught and produced art-jewelry.
Still an avid student of history, Bouwsma’s goal is to create an authentic font for every major historic script. He does not, however, limit himself to traditional calligraphic designs. His creative genius and exceptional talent have also produced a wide range of contemporary display fonts.