Communiqués de presse de 2007

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Now Available: Linotype Platinum Value Packs

Linotype Platinum Fonts: Jetzt auch als Value Packs erhältlich
Alle Schriftfamilien der hochwertigen Linotype Platinum Collection sind jetzt auch in einer komprimierten und preiswerteren Variante, in Form von Value Packs, erhältlich.

A medley of quality typefaces

OpenType Essentials 1, 2 and 3
Linotype introduces OpenType Essentials 1, 2 and 3, consisting of three font packages exclusively in the versatile OpenType format. Each one comes with a full range of styles and these unique sets are ideal for all kinds of design applications.
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Linotype online makes font finding even easier

Elegant elaborations at
Linotype introduces new simplicity in the web-based browsing and purchasing of fonts. The Linotype website has been reworked to offer visitors a more streamlined search for the font that matches their design requirements.
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Instant access to thousands of typefaces

Linotype remodels FontExplorer™ X Store
The cutting edge of font management just got sharper, as Linotype completes its makeover of the Linotype FontExplorer™ X Store. Ever since its official launch last year, the critically acclaimed font management tool, FontExplorer X, has been a resounding success in helping users better organize their fonts.
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Legibility looks sharp in new tailor-made type system

Typeface family Satero® – clarity & readability
In a grand salute to legibility, Linotype announces the release of the typeface family Satero, a text type system designed by award-winning calligrapher Werner Schneider.
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New typeface family by Akira Kobayashi

Linotype Cosmiqua – a flashback to the future
Linotype announces the release of the zestful serif font family Cosmiqua™, an informal homage to the futuristic visions of the past from the hand of Linotype’s multi-talented Type Director, Akira Kobayashi.
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Linotype announces Helvetica NOW Poster Contest

50 Years of Helvetica: Golden Jubilee of the Golden Mean
The popularity of the no nonsense type classic Helvetica™ as a corporate typeface has grown steadily since its introduction in 1957. Accordingly, 50 years later, there are many achievements to look back on – but also an exciting future to look forwards to. This is why Linotype has announced a new initiative to celebrate the 50 years of Helvetica’s straight-talking success. Designers worldwide are invited to take part in the Helvetica NOW Poster Contest, an unprecedented online opportunity to exhibit innovative design, win prizes and gain international creative acclaim.
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New Linotype Mergenthaler Edition by Zapf: a true man of letters

Zapf chronicles the life of letters in our times
Professor Hermann Zapf is one of the most important and prolific typeface designers of the 20th and 21st centuries. In his recently released monograph – Alphabet Stories, A Chronicle of Technical Developments – Zapf describes with plain-spoken eloquence how he came to be a pioneer in exploring the graphic frontiers of the Computer Age.
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Linotype announces winner of the Font Technology Award 2007

TypoTechnica 2007 tightens link between design and technology
The integration of state-of-the-art technology with design has rarely been so accessible. That, in a nutshell, was Linotype’s TypoTechnica™ 2007, which took place in April at the Gutenberg Schule in Frankfurt, Germany.
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Newly released fonts Palatino Sans and Midan awarded coveted design prize

Award Winning Typefaces by Linotype
Linotype has once again received critical recognition for their commitment to exploring the cultural and technological frontiers of typography.
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Pure 21st century Gutenberg: Frankfurt 27–29 April

Linotype presents TypoTechnica 2007
Only a few weeks remain until Linotype raises the curtain on TypoTechnica 2007.
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Calling all font developers and type designers

Linotype rolls out its fourth TypoTechnica
Linotype is pleased to announce its upcoming TypoTechnica™ conference, which will take place at the Gutenberg-Schule in Frankfurt, from April 27 to 29, 2007.
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Illuminating new dimensions of typography

Mergenthaler Edition releases Linotype Matrix 4.3
The third edition of the Linotype Matrix, “a typographic journal published from time to time”, leads off with the art and inspiring insights of calligrapher Gottfried Pott, then offers glimpses into the typographical history of the Low Countries and a spotlight on the sans serif success story: Helvetica®.
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Light, lighter, lightest – Linotype introduces Agilita

Finding function in light and flexible forms
Linotype launches one of the lightest fonts ever – Agilita™, a new OpenType sans serif, both adaptable and lively.
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Linotype introduces a new classic

Palatino undressed – Sans and Sans Informal
Palatino Sans recasts the mold. Migrating his classic typeface from a serif to sans, Hermann Zapf makes an epochal leap.
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Linotype releases new fonts in January

Five font families for a new season
A new year is here, time to get back to the drawing board. Linotype has been busy sourcing the latest originals all year and to kick off the new year, launches five new font families in OpenType format.
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