Linotype at TypeCon 2006, August 9-13 – August 31, 2006

Hot steaming news from the Boston T Party

Bad Homburg, 31 August, 2006. It was hot and bright, and it wasn’t just the weather. TypeCon 2006 sizzled like hot lead alloy as it filled the matrices of typographical creativity and artistic inspiration. Dubbed “The Boston T Party”, this 8th Annual Conference of The Society of Typographic Aficionados (SOTA) was indeed a festive brew of talent and celebration, successfully combining the past, present and future of typography. Workshops, panel discussions and special events – such as the 3rd Annual Typophile Film Festival and debut of the 6th Annual TypeGallery – kindled the spirit of the festival. Linotype – the source of the originals – added just the right dash of spice with exclusive giveaways, innovative software and award winning type.

TypeCon 2006 celebrated the past with a focus on the life and work of one of America’s best-loved designers and typographers, William Addison Dwiggins, creator of timeless typefaces like Metro™, Electra™ and Caledonia™. Not only did Dwiggins coin the term “graphic design”, he was also the first major American type designer to work for Linotype. This year’s conference commemorated Dwiggins on the 50th anniversary of his death at two plenary sessions – with guided visits to the Dwiggins Room and the Dwiggins Collections at the Boston Public Library. Another excursion into typographical history took visitors to the Museum of Printing, including an impressive collection of original Linotype machines.

An award for designer Adrian Frutiger also positioned Linotype in the present tense. A session entitled, “Natural: The Life and Work of Adrian Frutiger”, explored the work of the great Swiss typographer. One of Linotype’s major designers, Frutiger created many of the best-known typefaces of the 20th century, including Avenir™, Univers™ and Meridien™. These fonts as well as the eponymous Frutiger™ font itself regularly top the bestseller list at Linotype to this day. It was announced at TypeCon 2006 that Frutiger has received the 4th Annual SOTA Typography Award.

Yet perhaps it was the future where Linotype generated the most heat. A popular panel discussion on “Demystifying Font Management in OS X” centered on Linotype’s recently released FontExplorer™ for Mac OS X. This revolutionary open standard font management tool has already become a word-of-mouth success. Users liken its intuitive, powerful and fast efficiency to the iTunes™ model. Not surprising, many fans and professionals at TypeCon also felt strongly about the intellectual property rights of fonts, yet another reason to love FontExplorer X! In the words of Bruno Steinert: “Our philosophy is to raise awareness for the legal licensing of fonts. It has to be more fun, faster and more affordable to license a font than to organize a pirated copy.”

Equally impressive for conference participants – FontExplorer X is and will remain freeware! Mac OS X users can immediately download the software at

At TypeCon, the second issue of the new Linotype Matrix was given out. This re-launched version of the classic typographic journal offers a sumptuous look at the role of typography in our lives. In the same spirit as the conference, the new issue devotes 64 luxuriously illustrated pages to dozens of Dwiggins drawings and typefaces, as well as articles written by some of the best talents working in typography today. If you missed your copy at TypeCon 2006, it can also be viewed or bought online via the Linotype website (go to the “Font Products” section). More tips and fonts from Linotype can be found for any weather at

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