Linotype Library presents the world´s largest collection of original fonts – January 2, 2002

The new Gold Edition 1.6 – now with euro

Bad Homburg, January 2nd 2002 – The new Gold Edition 1.6 E from Linotype Library is the world´s biggest collection of original fonts. With the addition of another 611 fonts in June this year, the Gold Edition now contains an amazing 3,980 fonts. The new edition published in December 2001 gives professional users more than 1,900 main fonts with an integrated euro symbol.

Ahead of the arrival of the euro as legal tender in twelve European countries, Linotype Library has launched the latest update of the Gold Edition, now containing an integrated euro symbol for all the main fonts, in the right line-width and style. The update is available as PostScript or TrueType format for Macintosh and Windows PCs. Also in the new version, many of the fonts have been revised and stored in a higher revision status. In contrast to the standards used by other font-libraries Linotype has payed special attention to the functionality of the euro sign in all customary programs for Mac and PC available at the moment. And – it was a great success: the euros of Gold Edition 1.6 E work.

Linotype offers an attractive update to customers who bought some fonts of Linotype since April 1st 2001.

What else does this update offer? Included among the extra 611 fonts in the Gold Edition 1.6 E, are Finnegan, Gianotten and Tetria, the latest fonts in the Linotype Library. Also contained in the update are many attractive headline and symbol fonts from the International Type Corporation (ITC) of New York, whose extensive collection is sold under license by Linotype Library. Available for Macintosh platform is the full range of Arabic fonts.

The TakeType Library has also been expanded: One special highlight among the creative fonts of the TakeType3 Library is Linotype Conrad by the Japanese type designer Akira Kobayashi. This creation not only won Linotype Library´s Type Design Competition, but also received an award from the Type Directors Club of New York.

The new Gold Edition 1.6 E is structured in the same way as Gold Edition 1.5, with the same rapid, easy access to the fonts, all of which are stored as before according to platform and format, in alphabetical order. The complete version with 3,980 fonts which can be used with 20 workstations amounts to ca. 8,000 euros. Included with the Gold Edition 1.6 E is a CD or – for the first time – a DVD for Mac and Windows containing catalogues and a user license for 20 workstations.

Additional information, plus examples of applications for fonts, can be found on the Internet at
If you would like a demo CD for trying out some of the fonts, just let us know.

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The new Linotype Font Identifier is a patented system for rapid identification of individual fonts. Guiding the user through a simple sequence of questions, the Linotype Font Identifier pinpoints that unknown font fast. This useful tool is available free of charge on the internet at
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