Galerie typo – Bix Bats

Font Designer: Victor Garcia, 2003
The Bix Bats™ symbol family was developed in 2003 by Argentinean designer Victor Garcia to complement his display text font Linotype Bix™. Bix Bats contains four different symbol fonts. Most of the characters in these fonts have their lower halves reversed out. Typing a line of text in these symbol fonts, or mixing these symbol fonts with Linotype Bix, will create a very interesting text effect: the bottom half of your lines of text will be reversed out, on top of a colored bar.
Bix Bats Arrows contains numerous possible arrow combinations, from archery references to the American recycling symbol. Bix Bats Funny includes all of the symbols needed for a party, from beer steins to bunny rabbits! Bix Bats Shiny has enough starbursts to light up a night sky, and in Bix Bats Wired you will find all of the technological accessories needed to be in the now.
"Bix Bats Symbol Fonts" from Victor Garcia is available as pdf file. Please download:
pdf file english (508 kb)
View Victor Garcia´s type designs of Zootype, Tangomaniacs, Bix Plain and Bix Bats into the designer’s Website.

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