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Botanica famille de polices

Conçue par  Elena Genova

Jusqu'à 5 Polices de caractères / 2 Coffrets Promotionnels
Prend en charge au moins 21 langues (Std / OT CFF)

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Supporte jusqu'à 69 langues.

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Botanica is a 100% brush written font family with inky texture that was inspired by modern trends in brush lettering and design. The fonts look good both together or separately and possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Two types of initial and terminal swashed makes the Script font a good companion in wedding invitations design.

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5 Polices de caractères disponibles en:
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Botanica Std Ornaments

-  1 variant

Botanica Std Sans

-  1 variant

Botanica Std Sans Oblique

-  1 variant

Botanica Std Script

-  1 variant

Botanica Std Script Dry Brush

-  1 variant