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Ahkio famille de polices

Conçue par  Mika Melvas en 2014

Jusqu'à 5 Polices de caractères / 1 Coffrets Promotionnels
Prend en charge au moins 21 langues (Std / OT CFF)

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Supporte jusqu'à 67 langues.

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Ahkio is a brushed disconnected script family of 5 fonts. Ahkio’s roots are in 1930s sign painting and showcard lettering but with a modern and individual twist. Main characteristics are soft, rounded forms and a bit curved stems. Ahkio is a friendly and gentle font that suits well in titles, packages, logos and for example posters. 5 weights makes Ahkio a versatile font that gives you a possibility to add contrast and interest to your typography. Ahkio includes black and white manicules. You can use them easily with OpenType options. Just choose Stylistic set 1 and make sure Standard ligatures are on. Then just type: >> for Blackmaniculeright >> for Whitemaniculeright

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Ahkio Std Thin

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Ahkio Std Light

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Ahkio Std Regular

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Ahkio Std Bold

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Ahkio Std Black

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