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Schwennel™ famille de polices

Conçue par  Svenja Voss en 1994

Jusqu'à 2 Polices de caractères / 1 Coffrets Promotionnels

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Font Designer: Svenja Voss, 1994
Schwennel™ is part of the TakeType Library, selected from the contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997.
Svenja Voß about the creation of Schwennel:
“Something mysterious, something unexplainable, which doesn’t quite fit, that is what should be created. The works begins in Illustrator 5.0, the letters are separated and worked over with the elements ‘roughen’, ‘add anchor points’, ‘add arrowheads’, and ‘edit radial’. Then the letters are ‘smooth blended together’ and ‘moved randomly’. And so it is that a rounded font grows pointed horns. The letters are now copied with Apple+alt+c and directly imported into Altsys Fontographer 4.1. Schwennel works on two levels, each of which can be worked on alone, for example, each shaded with its own color.”
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Schwennel as a PDF.
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Schwennel™ Lilia

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