Computer Style Value Pack

Conçue par  Various en 2005

Computer Style Value Pack

Computer Style Value Pack

From low-tech to hi-tech – The new Computer Style Value Pack for only .

Searching for a convincing selection of various computer-style designs? We think our recently published Computer Style Value Pack has exactly the mix you might be looking for. Five fonts from a broad design palette are on sale through the end of september for the low, one-time price of USD/EUR 29.50 (just USD/EUR 6 per font)!

These typefaces are included in the Computer Style Value Pack:

Designed by Colin Brignall in 1965, the somewhat bizarre “computer style” typeface Countdown™ was originally released by Letraset. Over the decades, designers have assumed that Countdown was synonymous for almost anything having to do with computers or the first years of hi-technology. Today, though, Countdown is viewed with more of a retro eye. Nevertheless, it is still popular. Countdown looks great on flyers and in pop-art style situations. Countdown bears similarity to a number of other space age fonts, including Amelia™ and Data Seventy™.

Linotype Franosch™ is a three weight display typeface designed by artist/graphic designer Max Franosch. Around the time of making the initial sketches, Franosch was looking a lot at Arabic newspaper and magazine headlines. He was drawn to their bold and very “graphic” type. A common feature was the “floating” dots which added a rhythmic quality to the text. This came to influence the use of dots in Linotype Franosch. Apart from this influence, Linotype Franosch also has a very clean and futuristic feel to it, due mainly to the highly geometric nature of the characters and the uniform stroke weight.
More about the usability of this typeface can be seen at the Font of the Week-Feature of Linotype Franosch.
Linotype Franosch is perfect for party flyers, headlines, and internet banner ads.

Linotype Punkt™, from US designer Mischa Leiner, is part of the TakeType Library, chosen from the entries of the Linotype-sponsored International Digital Type Design Contest 1999 for inclusion on the TakeType 3 CD. This font, from US designer Mischa Leiner is available in three weights, light, regular and bold. The basic forms are those of a robust sans serif, however the figures are composed of evenly placed dots, hence the name Punkt, the German word for dot. This distinguishing characteristic lets this font look as though it appears on a background of light. One other unique trait of this font is the nature of the three weights. The figures of each weight have exactly the same measurements, the same width, breadth, etc. The only variable measurements are those of the individual dots making up the forms, making the bold weight much darker than the light while retaining the same outer contours. Linotype Punkt should be used in larger point sizes, as when it is too small the dots blur together and rob the font of its “light”. The font is therefore best for headlines in large and very large point sizes.

Linotype Scott™ Mars was designed by German designer Hellmut G. Bomm. He constructed this typeface from a consciously limited repertoire of forms, producing a strictly constructed font with a cool, technical look. Worthy of note are also the exalted numeral forms and the unusual size relation of the lower case and capital letters. Scott Mars is best used for headlines and short to middle length texts in point sizes of 10 or larger.

The figures of Quartz font are based on those on digital clocks and LCD displays. All strokes are set at right angles to one another to create abstract characters. Fonts created for electronic displays gained in popularity at the same time as the computer became an everyday object. The standard is still around today and is the model for numerous interpretations. Fonts like Quartz have already won a firm position in trend typography. They embody the spirit of the late 20th century. Quartz font is a good choice whenever a marked contrast to everyday alphabets is the goal.

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