Museo Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por  Jos Buivenga/2008

Acerca de Museo Familia tipográfica

The extensive font family Museo by Jos Buivenga now comprises four different styles. These have been carefully coordinated with each other so that designers can use the original Museo in combination with Museo Slab, Museo Sans and Museo Sans Rounded. But the best thing about Museo is that we are currently offering a selection of cuts free of charge so that you can experiment with them!
Buivenga explains that the origin of Museo is to be found in his particular love for uppercase 'U' and a spontaneous mental picture that came to him concerning the form of the font's serifs. With his vision of stems bent into semi-slab serifs in mind, Buivenga created Museo, whereby the almost total lack of differentiation in line width additionally emphasizes the linear character of the letters. The arched terminals also provide Museo with a technological appearance that is further enhanced by the rectangular form of the punctuation marks. Large counters and a generous x-height make Museo substantial and accessible and ensure that is clearly legible even in small font sizes.
In addition to majuscule and minuscule numerals, Museo also offers a range of ligatures and variant characters: German typographers will be pleased to discover that it has a majuscule 'ß' glyph.
Museo is available in five different weights that are designated as 100, 300, 500, 700 and 900. Italic cuts with inclined characters are available in all weights.
Museo Sans
Museo Sans also shares its basic character forms with those of Museo. Because of the lack of variation in line width, Sans has a geometrical appearance. It is not only possible to combine the robust and highly legible Sans with Museo, but it can also be used in both display and text font sizes. In common with Museo, Museo Sans comes in five weights, each with matching Italic cuts.
Museo Sans Rounded
The youngest member of the Museo family bears the name Museo Sans Rounded. It is basically identical to Museo Sans, but its line terminals are rounded. This contemporary variant of the typeface is particularly effective in larger font sizes. Like its ancestor, Museo Slab, Museo Sans Rounded is available in six different weights.
Museo SlabAlthough the forms of the letters are identical to those of Museo, the blunt serifs of Museo Slab are slightly longer and are frequently not rounded where they join the upstroke, but stand at right angles to it. Together with other serifs, Buivenga has not only managed to augment the specific nature of a serif font, but has thus given Museo Slab a more formal and austere form in comparison with that of Museo. Complemented by another bold weight, Museo Slab 1000, there are thus six weights of Museo Slab with the matching Italic variants.
The diversity of styles within the Museo family ensures that the typeface has a wide range of potential applications. The modern character of the different but matching variants, certain of which are at the cutting-edge of fashion, will help designers react to all possible situations.
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