Jovica Veljovic

Prof. Jovica Veljović was born in Serbia in 1954.
After studying and taking a postgraduate course at the Department of Applied Arts and Design of Belgrade University of Arts, he taught Typography there until 1992.

Since 1992, Jovica Veljović has been based in Hamburg, where he lectures in Type Design and Typography at the Faculty of Design/Media/Information of Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

He has more than 35 years of experience as a typographic designer, starting work in the branch in the days when phototypesetting was still used and designing a complete character font for ITC in New York with eight weights.

But type design is not Veljović’s sole field of activity: he additionally works as a typographer, calligrapher and book designer. He also enjoys painting and drawing. His typefaces have been published by the International Typeface Corporation (ITC), Adobe Systems and Linotype.

The German weekly news journal Die Zeit commissioned him to prepare an extended digitalised version of Tiemann™ Antiqua in 1999. He also designed two typefaces, an Antique and a Grotesque together with several variants, for the leading Serbian daily Politika in 2006.

He has received a number of awards for his calligraphic and typographic work: the 1985 Charles Peignot Prize of the Association Typographiques Internationale (ATypI), the
the XIII Biennale for Graphic-Design in Brno (1988), the
Graphics Biennale The Golden Bee in Moscow (1996) and Hamburg’s Karl Schneider Prize in 2009.

ITC Veljovic® (1984),
ITC New Esprit® (1985),
ITC Gamma® (1986),
Ex Ponto® multiple master typeface (1995),
Silentium® (2000)
Sava™ (2003),
Libelle™ (2009)
Veljovic Script™ (2009),
ITC New Esprit® (2010),
Agmena™ (2012).

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