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Get ready for Christmas

Get ready for Christmas:
Pictograms and fonts for all situations

It’s nearly that time of the year again and over the next few weeks you will most probably be using Christmas-related symbols and typefaces on greetings cards sent out to friends and business partners or to embellish Christmas-time offers for your customers. There is a huge range of choice, from classic and traditional through playful and unusual to modern and ironic. You will also need fonts that complement the images to provide for overall consistency of your designs.
In the following, you will find a selection of what we consider to be effective combinations of pictograms and typefaces that will ensure that you can put your Christmas message across successfully.

Dans le Noël + Wedding Singer

The pictograms of the Dans le Noël dingbat family by Guisela Mendoza will provide you with a basic set of Christmas symbols. It includes stars, Christmas trees and tree ornaments, a selection of gift tags and other decorative elements. The robustly defined graphic forms are not only redolent of Yuletide but also evoke a cheerful atmosphere.
A stylistically matching font is Wedding Singer. Although Wedding Singer was originally conceived by George Ryan for use on wedding invitations, the almost monolinear glyphs with their sturdy but yet celebratory character and somewhat relaxed feel harmonize perfectly with the Dans le Noël symbols.

Jingle Doodles + Meroe

The relatively thick strokes and irregular outlines of the symbols of Gert Wiescher’s Jingle Doodles give them a simple but very dynamic appearance. The images are relevant to the whole Advent and Christmas periods, and include candles, pine branches, holly leaves, boots, fish and even a church. The dynamic calligraphic font Meroe by Peter Becker duplicates the rough outlines of Jingle Doodles. The cavities in the strokes and the elegant personality make Meroe the ideal partner to the symbols and will add supplementary atmosphere to your designs.

Xmas Font + Monotype Script

Well-defined contours and forms that are often reminiscent of cartoon drawings are the main features of the symbols of Xmas Font by Fuenfwerken Design AG. The pictograms of Xmas Font are organized in three groups, each containing more than 60 dingbats. Xmas Essentials consists of the standard symbols relevant to the end of the year season, such as stars, snowflakes, candles, decorated Xmas trees and nutcrackers. Xmas Story provides images suggestive of the New Testament narrative of the birth of Jesus. There is an adorable Baby Jesus, a Mary and Joseph and whole bands of angels and shepherds with corresponding woolly, Holy Land sheep. The symbols of Xmas Modern provide a more tongue-in-cheek take on the season. For example, there is a melting snowman with candle in his hand, a snowman wearing sunglasses on a skateboard, another in Bermudas and others with electronic gadgets such as mobile phones or IPods to give your Christmas designs a somewhat differently slanted effect. And you will even find a urinating snowman among the Xmas Modern dingbats. The compelling and slightly curvilinear characters of the calligraphic font Monotype Script suit the clear style of these pictograms. Without being obtrusive, the font has an elegant feel that conjures up a cheerful holiday spirit.

Linotype Festtagsfont + Koorkin

The symbols of Linotype Festtagsfont by Sine Bergmann are delicate and almost linear. The protagonist of these pictograms is a little black figure like a matchstick man. He is shown unpacking gifts, delivering compliments of the season and as a jet-propelled angel. The dingbats of Linotype Festtagsfont are not only appropriate to Christmas, but also to Halloween and Easter. Pictograms of Christmas trees, candles and presents are accompanied by flowers, pumpkins and ghosts. Similarly easygoing and casual is the typeface Koorkin by George Ryan. This energetic calligraphic font with its comic-like traits is thus the perfect pendant to Linotype Festtagsfont.
More pictograms and text fonts suitable for the Christmas period
Has our article whetted your appetite to discover additional Christmas-themed typefaces? If so, you can simply use our search engine to find more pictograms and text fonts that are full of the Yuletide spirit.
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