The most popular releases of 2013

Most popular fonts 2012

We were lucky enough to publish many exciting and impressive new fonts in 2013 that struck a cord with both you and us. The greatest impression was made by the seven families outlined below. Let yourself be inspired by these remarkable fonts when it comes to your next project; you can rest assured that you will be keeping pace with current trends when you use these new releases.

1 Metro Nova

Most popular fonts 2012
In the case of Metro Nova its designer Toshi Omagari has revived the original forms of the classic font Metro, created in the 1920s and 1930s by William Addison Dwiggins. Greater emphasis is placed on the Humanist character in Metro Nova, while the new font also has a friendly and cheerful disposition. A classic font with a modern touch that can master a wide variety of challenges with ease.

2 Xenois

The Xenois super family by Erik Faulhaber consists of six styles that are perfectly coordinated with each other. By means of a systematic reduction of the letters to the essentials, Faulhaber has not only managed to reinterpret the Antiqua or roman style concept, but has also given the super family its own individual character. You will be able to find the perfect glyph for each and any context among its different styles.

3 Neue Frutiger 1450

Neue Frutiger 1450
The purpose of the new German standard DIN 1450 published in mid-2013 is to provide for the best level of legibility of signage used in public spaces and of texts in general. Neue Frutiger 1450 has been designed to meet all the specifications of the new standard DIN and you can thus use the new family without qualms in all contexts in which you are required to conform to the recommendations of DIN 1450.

4 Meroe

Meroe is a calligraphic, friendly script font designed by Peter Becker that has its own dynamic feel. The rough and ready outlines that incorporate cavities will provide your designs with a quite individual character. You can use Meroe everywhere that a personal touch is required, such as on invitation and greetings cards, but it is also suitable for use in packaging designs.

5 Fruitygreen

Idiosyncratic but interesting letter forms are the defining element of Fruitygreen by the Indonesian designer Andi AW. Masry. Although this font remains legible even in small point sizes, its natural home is in headlines, titles or logo designs.

6 Excritura

Organic forms are the principal design concept behind Excritura, a calligraphic font by Alex Camacho. A very deliberate and in some cases extensive contrast in stroke weight, the many ornamental embellishments, open counters and extended line terminals are the main features of this font. The elegant dynamic curves and flowing strokes of Excritura will infuse your designs with the necessary vitality.

7 Yalta Sans

Yalta Sans
In Yalta Sans by Stefan Claudius the designer has skilfully combined the charismatic presence and excellent legibility of a Humanist sans serif with the precise and somewhat technological feel of a Square Sans. Its bevelled finials seem reminiscent of the flow of calligraphic strokes and its tapering horizontal lines give the font considerable dynamism. Its self-contained nature and its clarity both in print and on the screen make Yalta Sans the ideal partner for use in corporate design.

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