Galería tipográfica – Vellvé

Font Designer: Tomás Vellvé

For over 30 years, Tomás Vellvé created beautiful graphics and distinctive typefaces in his native homeland of Spain. First drawn as a phototype display design in 1971, Vellvé’s only typeface in digital form is an uncommon solution to the problem of creating a new sans serif design. The end result, which bears his name, is a design that stands out from the crowd of other sans serif typefaces. The phototype version was only available in a single, light weight. With the release of the digital fonts, however, three additional weights as well as a companion italic for the light weight were created.
The typeface designs were originally drawn for Agfa Monotype (now Monotype) in 1996 as part of the company’s “Creative Alliance” initiative. Through an exclusive licensing arrangement, the Vellvé™ family has now been added to the ITC Typeface Library.
ITC Vellvé is a wide design with strong calligraphic overtones. This is no “anonymous” design like so many modern sans. Letters like the ‘R’, ‘e’ and ‘s’ clearly show the hand of Tomás Vellvé in the design process. Vellvé provides a fresh choice between geometric sans serifs such as Helvetica® and industrial sans serifs like Futura®.
This distinctive, newly enlarged typeface family is available as OpenType, PostScript and TrueType fonts, in four weights ranging from very light to a moderate bold.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Vellvé as a PDF.

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