Furbelow Familia tipográfica

Hiragino Serif (Mincho) is a font adapted for the digital age. It was designed to permit finely detailed tuning that allows the sizes of both kanji and kana to be adjusted for greatest visibility. It also broadly satisfies the needs of modern graphic design in advertising, posters, pamphlets, magazines, and other such uses. The font makes the counters comfortably wide while gracefully raising the text's center of balance, ensuring that the typeset characters will be smooth and well-defined. It gives each line a modern impression thanks to a judicious balance of light and shade and draws out a vivid readability that makes it possible to comfortable push forward with one’s reading. Latin alphabet and numbers have all been originally designed so that the weights of typeface and the flow of the baseline between Japanese and Latin characters are extremely consistent. Of particular note, vertically formatted text that mixes both Japanese and Latin characters can be beautifully rendered using only this typeface. Thanks to the use of authentic and sophisticated basic design , it creates a different atmosphere by combination of optional unique kana typefaces.

Furbelow Regular

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Las fuentes web anuales se licencian por un número determinado de páginas vistas.
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Nombre del menú Windows: Furbelow
Nombre PostScript: , Furbelow
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