Christian Mengelt

Christian Mengelt – born 1938 in St. Gallen, Switzerland – graphic designer, type designer, and teacher.

Since 1964: He has had his own graphic design studio together with different partners, and has cooperated with various design and advertising agencies, such as GGK Basel, Switzerland, and Mendell & Oberer Munich, Germany.
1972–2001: He taught graphic and typeface design at the Basel School of Design. As partner in the Type Design Team’77, and as member of ATYPI, he has dealt internationally with the entire field of typographic design and particularly type design. He has also lectured at several professional design seminars and workshops in Europe, USA, and Mexico. 

1986-2001: He served as head of the Basic Class for Graphic Design, and from 1990 as head of department at the Basel School of Design.
Since 2001: He is focusing his independent work more on graphic art and abstract painting, and has had various exhibitions.

As designer and partner in teamwork he had considerably developed and realized the following projects of type design:

In cooperation with Karl Gerstner und Günter Gerhard Lange:
1967, Gerstner-Programm, Typefoundry H. Berthold AG.
In cooperation with André Gürtler:
1972, Univers Compugraphic, Compugraphic Inc., USA;
1974, Cyrillic Gothic, Compugraphic Inc., USA.
In Team’77 (André Gürtler, Christian Mengelt, Erich Gschwind):
1976, Media, Bobst Graphic Lausanne/Autologic USA;
1977, Avant Garde Gothic Oblique, International Typeface Corporation, USA;
1978, Signa, Bobst Graphic Lausanne/Autologic USA;
1980, Haas Unica, Haas Typefoundry/Linotype/Autologic.
2010, Sinova™ Typeface family, Design by Christian Mengelt in cooperation with Linotype.
2014, Mengelt Basel Antiqua, the revival of a historical typeface, Design by Christian Mengelt in cooperation with Linotype.


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