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New font releases in March 2015

Hot new contemporary fonts with good typographic support for your projects

Let us introduce you to some of the newcomers that have appeared recently. We have selected for you text and headline fonts, small and large font families and some truly eye-catching calligraphic fonts. With the help of these newborn and striking typefaces, you will not only be able to supplement your tools of the trade but create a contemporary inventory to facilitate that perfect design.

Ahkio (Mika Melvas)

Derived from signboard scripts of the 1930s, Mika Melvas’ Ahkio is very much in the style of hand-drawn brush fonts. This lively and friendly typeface comes in five weights and is suitable for creating logos, headlines and for packaging design.

Ulla (Fontyou)

The dynamic brush font Ulla by Lèna Le Pommelet is based on hand-painted shop signs. It has several unusual ligatures that will give your designs a very unique feel.

Liszt (Fontyou)

Broad, fabricated characters with sharp outlines give the sans serif Liszt by Luis Bandovas a somewhat formal and rigid appearance although it remains perfectly easygoing. The extensive typeface with its six line weights can be used in both headline and text contexts.

Sperling (Fontyou)

The extreme contrast in line weight and the long, linear serifs are the predominant features of the very condensed letters of Sperling by Jan Dominik Gillich and Alisa Nowak. Although the font, available in four weights, can be seen from its best side in headlines, you can also employ this original design to produce short texts, such as magazine editorials.

La Paz (TipoType)

La Paz by Fernanda Núñez emulates handwriting in all its differing variations. This exuberant and lively calligraphic typeface can be used to create a wide range of different text effects thanks to its many alternative characters, ligatures and ornaments.

Funkydori (Laura Worthington)

Laura Worthington pays tribute to the days of Flower Power and the advertising scripts of the 1970s in her Funkydori. It comes with more than 200 alternates, additional ornaments and ligatures that give the typeface a logo-like character.

Mr. Benedict (Sudtipos)

The font Mr. Benedict by Alejandro Paul is part of the ‘Charles Bluemlein Script Collection’ and is a homage to the popular American type designer of the mid-20th century. Mr Benedict owes its dynamic effect to the marked contrast in line weight and pronounced slant.

Distillery (Sudtipos)

The Distillery set by Carolina Marando and Alejandro Paul consists of very different calligraphic fonts in DIY style and an array of pictograms. Typographic elements of a spectrum of styles, from Art Deco to Roman majuscule, have been appropriated for the various fonts.

Posterface (CozyFonts Foundry)

Conspicuous serifs and the contrast between angular internal spaces and external forms determine the feel of the robust Posterface by Tom Nikosey. Styles with different kerning and a sans serif version supplement the features offered by this headline font.

Rocking The Kasbah (Nicks Fonts)

Rocking The Kasbah by Nick Curtis is based on a hand-lettering script developed by the Hunt Brothers. The numerous embellishments give the typeface an ornamental and very dynamic quality.

Lumier Texture (Tour de Force Foundry)

The structure of the multi-layered Lumier Texture by Dusan Jelesijevic plays on the appearance of faded textile printing. The various styles of this small cap typeface can be combined to create quite diverse effects.

Ragazza Script (Latinotype)

The traditional forms of copperplate script mixed with modern calligraphic effects provide Guille Vizzari’s Ragazza Script with a very unique and individual character. The more than 1000 glyph alternates give you the opportunity to create a very versatile design.

Vezus Serif (Tour de Force Foundry)

The almost square letters of the synthetic slab serif Vezus Serif by Slobodan Jelesijevic give the typeface a generous, expansive demeanor. This effect is further emphasized by the very large x-height of the font that comes in four weights.

Necia/Necia Stencil (Graviton)

The letters of Necia have been constructed by Pablo Balcells using a range of graphic elements, giving them a technological and futuristic appearance. The alternative characters and the Stencil version will enable you to ring innumerable design changes.

Biscuit (Kustomtype)

The condensed characters of the artificial grotesque font Biscuit by Coert De Decker are also readily legible in small point sizes thanks to their generous x-height. The typeface, available with two different kerning styles, is reminiscent of the Bauhaus typography of the early 20th century.

Qwincey (Fontyou)

The evident contrast in line weight and the slightly tapering stems make Qwincey by Andrey Kudryavtsev a classy and elegant font. This is also reinforced by the generous and open forms of this typeface that is available in five weights.

Rockport BF (Bompartes Fonts)

John Bomparte found the inspiration for his Rockport BF in woodtypes of the 19th century and display fonts of the 1940s and 1950s. The forceful but friendly personality of the geometric and condensed characters comes to the fore on posters, in logos and on signs.

CDuflos Pro (Eurotypo)

CDuflos by Olcar Alcaide is a typographic re-interpretation of the engraving style developed by the French artist Claude Duflos in the late 17th century. There are numerous alternative glyphs, ligatures and ornaments that can be used to create a uniform effect with this cursive font.

Ponsi Rounded (TypeFaith Fonts)

Taking a logo design as his starting point, Leon Hulst developed his geometric Ponsi Rounded. The typeface is available in two weights, with and without slab serifs.

Rocking The Kasbah NF

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