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Graphite® Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por  David Siegel/1993

Hasta 9 Tipos de letra / 1 Value Packs
Compatible con al menos 21 idiomas (Std / OT CFF)

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Soporta hasta 50 idiomas.

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Graphite was designed by David Siegel, who began thinking about the typeface in 1982, looking for an architect´s handwriting with a chiselled pencil" look. The handwriting of San Francisco architect Anthony Celis LaRosa became Siegel´s choice. With the assistance of David Berlow and Tom Rickner, Graphite was designed and released as a multiple master typeface with weight and width axes that allow for its use in a dynamic range from light condensed to black extended. Graphite is an upright script with simple lines, and is usable in a large variety of informal copysetting situations."

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Graphite® Light

-  1 variant

Graphite® Regular

-  1 variant

Graphite® Bold

-  1 variant

Graphite® Narrow Light

-  1 variant

Graphite® Narrow Regular

-  1 variant

Graphite® Narrow Bold

-  1 variant

Graphite® Wide Light

-  1 variant

Graphite® Wide Regular

-  1 variant

Graphite® Wide Bold

-  1 variant