Linotype introduces classic office font families with revolutionary uniformity – November 1, 2006

Office Alliance fonts: 4 weights, 1 width

Bad Homburg, 17 November, 2006. Linotype introduces Office Alliance™, the office communicator’s dream team: four classic office typefaces reworked for easy weight-switching within each family while avoiding layout adjustments. Each optimized font – Metro Office, Trump Mediaeval™ Office, Neuzeit™ Office and Times Europa™ Office – remains based on the original sans serif or serif typeface. Yet each has also been reworked just enough so its four weights (Regular, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic) all share an identical width and can interact smoothly with each other. Never before has such unifying weight compatibility been achieved. Now, with a lot less hassle, Office Alliance supports a unique combination of weights for lively and eye-catching layouts, keeping corporate communication diverse and interesting.

Office communication makes up the lion’s share of font usage. Finding a way to format standardized yet attractive business correspondence, reports, presentations and brochures is an important challenge. Linotype Type Director Akira Kobayashi recognized the need for a new font concept that provides style variations for enhancing corporate texts without complication. With detailed knowledge of each font and a patient exactness, Kobayashi sensitively shaved off quirky traits like irregular or diverging letterforms and gained a degree of usability never before seen in cross-weight communication. Text blocks or headlines can now stand out without comprising the overall impact of the layout – as there is no shifting of lines or pages when the weights of individual texts are changed. Office Alliance encourages mixing things up within a family and guarantees its members get along together perfectly.

In each font family, not only do the letters in all four weights have the same width, all letterforms also share the same cap height and x height. With such exacting uniformity and weight compatibility within each family, Office Alliance offers anyone creating business documents the path of least resistance for any combination of weights. Add accents, highlight headlines and make changes on short notice – all with absolutely no shifting of line breaks or need for special graphic layout experience. Numbers, mathematical characters and currency symbols also share a common width, rounding off the elegant adaptability of each unique four-in-one family. So Office Alliance is also ideal for applications with lots of numbers like quarterly reports or sales brochures.

Each font family in Office Alliance is unified without losing a touch of its original personality – and each offers its own little bonus. For example, Neuzeit Office, unlike the old Neuzeit, includes Italics, and the Times Europa has undergone some refinements to make its little forms more readable. Across all font families, the open, clear-cut letterforms enhance readability and allow for many appealing combinations every reader can identify with.

Standardized office typefaces needn’t be the dull cousins of the graphic design world. With Office Alliance, corporate communication has never been so elegant or easy. More information on the extended family of Office Alliance can be found at

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