Science Fiction Value Pack

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Space-Age Fonts – Out-Of-This-World Science Fiction Value Pack

Everything you need for futuristic projects: with the five fonts in Linotype’s newest font package, it will be the purest pleasure to create multifaceted science fiction designs. Not only are these fonts just up to today’s aesthetic standards – they are technologically superb as well.

These typefaces are included in the Science Value Pack:

ITC Belter™ was designed by Andreu Balius in 1996. Out of a purposely limited form repertoire Balius created a constructed typeface with a cool and technical character. A distinguishing characteristic of this font is the cross at the ends of many strokes. The figures seem to be products of mass production, which heightens the mechanical feel of the font. Belter is meant for point sizes of 10 and larger in headlines and shorter texts and must be set with generous spacing.

As a part of their overall character design, each of the thin-lined letters in Linotype Orbit™ sport a dot. This dot is found in a different position on each character, creating the illusion of various celestial bodies traveling about their orbits. If you need a futuristic font to paint on the side of your spaceship, or are looking for a font to fit in any all-around SCI-FI application, this might be it! In a hint towards timelessness, the design of Linotype Orbit’s letterforms is geometric, and the font includes old style figures.
Linotype Orbit was designed in 2002 by Italian designer Mauro Carichini, and is included in the Take Type 4 collection from Linotype.

Quasaria™ is part of the Take Type Library, selected from contestants of Linotype’s International Digital Type Design Contests of 1994 and 1997. The font was designed by German artist Armin Retzko and the characters are composed of disjointed pieces. The eye tries to complete the symbols into the forms they are used to. Quasaria with its unique forms is intended exclusively for headlines and displays.

Louis Lemoine created the font Linotype Spacera™ in 2002. The original concept for Spacera was inspired back in 1991, while Louis Lemoine was working on the Star Tours Post Show for Euro-Disneyland, Paris. This is a contemporary typeface that could be a good choice when a modern futuristic look is desired. Linotype Spacera is included in the Take Type 4 collection.

Linotype Submerge™ is a spaceage-themed family of four fonts created by British designer Gary Tennant. The fonts’ oval forms sport strokes that seem to pass by the eye like spaceships from the outer reaches of the galaxy. The slightly forward-leaning design of Linotype Submerge’s letters aid their feeling of movement. Use one of these fonts whenever you need a bold, bold, and wide futuristic headline. Linotype Submerge is appropriate to advertise any product that is out of this world!

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