Font Licensing

The following information concerns our licensing options that can be purchased online.
For details on the relevant licensing conditions, please see the EULA (end-user licence agreement) that you will be required to view and approve during the order process.
If you need individual consulting or if you are interested in customized solutions, you can use, this online form to contact us.

Web font license for Digital Ads

Regular Webfonts
Webfonts for Digital Ads
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This license enables the use of the acquired fonts not only on individual websites restricted to the licensee, but also on so-called advertising networks. You can even share your fonts with advertising providers for the creation of ads (you are responsible for sharing the fonts).
A license is based on a number of ad impressions. There are packages for 1, 4 or 10 million ad impressions. You can also specify a specific number. We let you know promptly when the licensed ad impressions have been used up so that you can license more.
You’ll find answers to frequently asked questions about the Digital Ads license model for Web fonts in the Web Fonts for Digital Ads FAQ.

How to find the Web fonts for Digital Ads at

You’ll find a tab for Digital Ads next to the tabs for Desktop fonts, Web fonts, apps, ePub and servers on the font family page and the product page with the individual style view. You can select the desired license for purchasing there.

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