Galería tipográfica – Linotype Gneisenauette

Font Designer: Gustavs A. Grinbergs, 1996
Linotype Gneisenauette™ is a script font which works well for display advertisements. It is available in eight weights, four regular and four alternative swash sets.
Gustavs A. Grinbergs about Linotype Gneisenauette: "I wanted to create a script face that looks sturdy nevertheless is elegant. Everything I have designed in the last years is transformed from my imagination to a digital form, with a mouse on to the computer screen. I do not make pencil drafts any more.
I’d chosen the name Gneisenauette for this font because I think this typeface displays something of the robustness of German Fraktur. As I know this is an old German name and I like this name because of its strangeness and it sounds fascinating.
I created an optional character set because I wanted to give the user a chance to create a more effective and colorful textline."
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of Linotype Gneisenauette as a PDF.

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