Arabic Fonts

Supported languages
All Arabic fonts from Monotype, Linotype and ITC support the Arabic and Persian languages. They contain Arabic and Persian tabular numerals.
However, a number of Arabic fonts also support the Urdu language. These contain Arabic, Persian and Urdu tabular and pro-portional numerals; they also include a Latin character set and Latin tabular numerals.

Font format
All fonts are available in OpenType format, which means they can be used under both Mac OS and Windows. This also provides better control over the position of the vocalization marks and the use of a large character set.

Arabic fonts include all required OpenType features for the proper representation of Arabic (composition/decomposition and the substitutions necessary for joining and non-joining letters). Most Arabic fonts contain a complete Latin character set. The fonts also include various special features, such as pro-portional numerals, ligatures and ornaments.

Minimum character set
All Arabic fonts from Monotype, Linotype and ITC have at least the following character set:

Character Set for Arabic Fonts

For correct Arabic typesetting a special version of the application software might be required. Please refer to your software provider for any questions.

Further information on Arabic typefaces can be obtained here.

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