Linotype Zapf Essentials

Linotype Zapf Essentials™ are digital dingbats and ornaments designed for everday use and as the name says, you just have to have them! There are endless possibilities for their use, as the font contains 372 signs with a variety of current, updated symbols for telephones, cell phones, telefax and e-mail. Linotype Zapf Essentials feature a number of special characteristics. Besides masculine hands there are also gentler ladies’ pointers. (In the old days only men´s hands were available, mostly solid.) And there are quick arrows with fading tails to show speed.

Linotype Zapf Essentials consist of a large variety of applications. In alphabetical order: Aldus leaves / adomments / arrows / boxes / bullets / cutters / currency signs / decorations / extras / emphasizers / eye-catchers / fleurons / fingers / fillers / hands (feminine and masculine) / florishes / geometrical elements / glyphs / indexes / indicators / markers / ornaments / pointers / scissors / signals / signs / separators / shouters / stars / symbols / three dimensionals etc.

Linotype Zapf Essentials should be used sparingly to highlight important parts of a text. The shown examples are for display only and should not be taken as models, but there are no limits to your imagination!

Have fun with Linotype Zapf Essentials!

New: For Linotype Zapf Essentials we offer now two delivery methods:
– Order Linotype Zapf Essentials as Value Pack for instant download.
– Order Linotype Zapf Essentials on CD and get it with physical shipping.

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