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Palatino® Sans

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Palatino® Sans Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por  Hermann Zapf/2006 and Akira Kobayashi

Hasta 3 Tipos de letra / 3 Value Packs
Compatible con al menos 56 idiomas (Com / OT TTF)

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Soporta hasta 69 idiomas.

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Palatino Sans is a 21st Century sans serif typeface from the master German designer Hermann Zapf. Palatino Sans and Palatino Sans Informal was designed as part of a group of three font families: Palatino nova, Palatino Sans, and Palatino Sans Informal. Together these three families act as the fulfilment of Herman Zapf's original Palatino idea. Palatino, which was born as a metal typeface in 1950, proved to be one of the 20th Century's most popular designs. Not only is Palatino Sans Informal a completely new typeface, it is also a completely new interpretation of the entire sans serif genre. Its letterforms are curved, rounded, and soft, not hard and industrial. In comparison with Palatino Sans, Palatino Sans Informal offers eccentricities that are somewhat artistic and more individual looking. The fonts in the Palatino Sans Informal family include several OpenType features, such as an extended character set covering all Latin-based European languages, old style figures, small caps, fractions, ordinals, ligatures, alternates, and ornaments. Palatino Sans Informal can be mixed well with Palatino and Palatino Sans.

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Palatino Sans Family

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