Caturrita Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por  Bruno Mello/2011

New font releases in April 2014

Notable new arrivals: fresh and distinctive sans serif families and calligraphy fonts

We picked out some highlights for you from a variety of new arrivals. In the following, we’ll introduce some fresh and distinctive sans serif families, noteworthy calligraphic fonts and new Antiquas – you’ll be inspired!

Intro (Fontfabric Type Foundry)

Svetoslav Simov used constructed forms as a basis for his grotesque Intro, and invigorated the font with a number of friendly details. Rounder forms in the italic styles are also available in an upright variation in the alt styles. Uppercase styles and decorative versions of the font with an inline round out the offer in this expansive and versatile font.

St Ryde (Stereotypes)

Line terminals with sharply cut curves are one of the major style characteristics of the humanist grotesque St Ryde by Sascha Timplan. The appearance of the dynamic font recalls that of handwriting, and is suited to longer texts as well as eye-catching headlines.

Seizième (URW)

Seizième is Coen Hofmann’s attempt to come as close as possible to the Série 16 font published by Peignot & Cie in 1905. The Antiqua, with its large x-height and clear forms, was a popular font at that time and also has a variety of symbols for scientific application.

Smooth Buggagaloo (URW)

Marit Otto was inspired by hot Latino rhythms for his Smooth Buggagaloo font. The somewhat unusually shaped but very strong letters seem to swing to the music enticingly, without being illegible. Smooth Buggagaloo lends logo or poster designs an enormous amount of recognition value.

Felicity Script (BA Graphics)

Informality and friendliness are the main characteristics of the Felicity Script by Bob Alonso. The font simulates quickly yet carefully crafted handwriting with a
felt-tip pen.

P22 Marcel (P22)

The template for Carolyn Porter’s P22 Marcel was the handwriting of Marcel Heuzé, who wrote letters to his wife and daughter in France while he was a forced laborer in Germany during the Second World War. Over 1300 glyphs were digitized, as well as a number of postmarks, comments from censors and ornaments.

Rachele (Resistenza)

The x-height in Rachele is unusually large for a calligraphic font. The very legible letters, in some cases connected together, make a compact impression. Thanks to the large strokes and the strong contrast, Rachele also has a noble, somewhat festive flair.

Astronaut Jones (Pink Broccoli)

With irregular letter shapes and sizes, as well as characters that seem to dance on the line, Phil Bracco’s Astronaut Jones font recalls that of a comic book. Apart from the alphabet, the font also contains countless pictograms and designed words.

Contraption (Pink Broccoli)

The template for Contraption was an old film typeface. Light variations in the geometrical concept lend the font liveliness and personality. The numerous weights, italic versions and inline styles make Contraption a well-equipped font.

Schwager Sans (Latinotype)

A rectangular base form and geometric letter shaping give Schwager Sans by Luciano Vergara an industrial, somewhat technical and modern character. Developed especially for headlines, you can use this font not only for technical applications but also for sports logos and cover designs, for example.

Caturrita (Armensen Typefaces)

The letters in sans serif Caturrita by Bruno Mello have calligraphic elements that lend the font a very friendly, warm and flowing character. The well-equipped font, available in five weights, is suited to longer texts as well as headlines and logos.
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