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Linotype Not Painted™ Familia tipográfica

Diseñado por  Robert Bucan/1997

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Linotype Not Painted – About the Font

Font Designer: Robert Bucan, 1997

Robert Bucan about Linotype Not Painted™:
Type Design:
"With Linotype Not Painted, I tried to create a typeface which would questions the boundries. In a time in which all boundries are becoming less defined, many things lose their form and transparency, not everything is pretty, smooth and straight. Through the combination of different typeface structures, Linotype Not Painted shows itself as a font which is dynamic, even a little aggressive."

Applications/Combinations with other typefaces:
"So as not to overly challenge the audience, Linotype Not Painted should be used only for short headlines or catchwords. (Caution: Do not use this product in point sizes under 12 except under the advice and supervision of a typographer.) Because Linotype Not Painted is a mix of serif and sans serif figures, it can be combined with other fonts of both types. Especially in a classic layout, this font can really draw attention to text which should stand out."

Origin of the name Linotype Not Painted:
"Not painted, not drawn. The name alone is polarized. A typeface that looks like it was drawn, but is called ’not drawn’ and was developed digitally. A name that should imply cool distance, movement, strength and dynamism."

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