Lapidary Capitals Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Zoran Kostic (2011)

Lapidary Capitals

Über Lapidary Capitals Family

The name of the font is chosen to suggest its main purpose - setting multiple pages of text. All the features in this family were made with that in mind - legibility, distinct italics, small caps and various OpenType features, all make this font a useful tool for typographers. On the other hand, for packaging, posters, logotypes, etc. setting heavier weights in large size brings out its display qualities. Pagewalker has a character set to support Western and Central European languages, and an extended set for monetary symbols which, in combination with tabular numbers, is perfect for financial reports. Each weight includes small caps, ligatures, proportional lining and oldstyle numbers, tabular figures, fractions and scientific superior/inferior figures.