DBXLNightfever Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Donald Beekman
DBXL Nightfever was originally designed by Donald Beekman in 2001 for the disco-techno-house record label of the same name, an imprint of United Recordings. Geometric and gridded, with a solid sci-fi techno feel, Nightfever still contains a lot of soul. Three additional wider weights were added for more design flexibility, as well as italics for all widths. After the record label was terminated the Nightfever fonts were used for many other DBXL design projects. It was put online for free download first in 2008, this year (2019) the design got more refined with additional accurate kerning and spacing. All fresh and new, ready for a new space age!

DBXLNightfever Wide Italic

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Dateiname: DBXLNightfever-WideItalic.otf
Windows-Menü-Name: DBXLNightfever Wide Italic
PostScript-Name: , DBXLNightfever-WideItalic
Langer PostScript-Name: , DBXLNightfever Wide Italic
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