Ablati Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  David Bergsland (2009)
Probably the last font for the summer of 2009 is Ablati. This is the font developed during the writing of our new book, Practical Font Design. So far, we have only released the FontLab 4.6 version of the book, but more versions are coming. To talk about font design, we designed a font so readers could watch while it was being developed. The basic inspiration came from Romic, by Colin at Letraset, and Goudy Oldstyle. I've always really loved Romic, but never had a real use for it because it is too stylized. Goudy Oldstyle is just an old favorite of mine. So I blended them in my mind and came up with a font that I called Arome Oldstyle in the book. I released that privately to my customers. However, I find that I really like the font and use it all the time. So, I decided to release it to the general public as Ablati, out of ablation or cut off. Also, Instead of making a normal release of TT and PS fonts, I decided to make an 8-bit Ablati Oldstyle with the oldstyle figures and lowercase letters,plus the normal 8-bit characters. plus, I am offering Ablati Small Caps with proportional lining figures, small cap figures, small caps and several of the discretionary ligatures and swashes. Both of these 8-bit fonts with be part of the package that is Ablati at the normal retail price. You can also buy the individual 8-bit fonts for less. I lkearned a lot writing the book, and I'm looking forward to getting FontLab 5 to update the book for wider release.

Ablati Small Caps

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Technische Details
Technische Font-Namen:
Dateiname: AblatiSmCaps.ttf
Windows-Menü-Name: Ablati Small Caps
PostScript-Name: AblatiSmallCaps
Langer PostScript-Name: AblatiSmallCaps
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