Chong Old Style™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Ong Chong Wah (2009)

Chong Old Style

Über Chong Old Style Complete Family Pack

In the tradition of Goudy Old Style and Goudy Modern, Chong Wah drew Chong Old Style™ and Chong Modern™ as visually different – but complementary – designs. According to Chong Wah, “The extended family of typefaces started as a concept rather than a preconceived design. The concept is different sans serif type styles with a common underlying structure and a clear lineage to traditional serif designs. While there are similarities between the designs, each typeface was drawn as a separate entity.”
Chong Old Style has the flavor of traditional old style designs without slavishly replicating the earlier design traits. It has the heft and color of an old style design but lacks the serifs and inclined stroke axis customarily seen in these typefaces. The result is a versatile suite of typefaces that deliver a straightforward message in large or small sizes.
Chong Modern is a sans serif interpretation of the classic modern, or neoclassical, designs of Bodoni and Didot. More than a Bodoni without serifs, Chong Modern also has an elegant, Art Deco demeanor. This is a design that walks the line between traditional and contemporary with grace and aplomb.
Chong Wah drew his Old Style and Modern designs in Light, Regular and Bold weights, adding an Extra Bold to the Old Style. All designs benefit from harmonizing italic counterparts. Both branches of the Chong family are also available as OpenType Pro fonts, allowing graphic communicators to take advantage of OpenType’s diverse capabilities. These fonts, in addition to providing for the automatic insertion of old style figures, ligatures and small caps, also offer an extended character set supporting most Central European and many Eastern European languages