Ray Larabie

Ray Larabie began drawing fonts as a hobby when he was a young boy. Encouraged by his family, Ray found that his interest in typography grew, especially when he began using his first computer, an Amiga 1000, for his work. By 1996 he had created a large library of fonts that he offered on his first website, Larabie Fonts as freeware. Donations keep the site going and Ray still adds new designs to the collection of over 250 fonts. “They weren’t all gems but they were fun to make,” says Ray.

In 2001, Ray started a second foundry, Typodermic, a commercial font site. “The fonts are more professional and the families more complete but I still like to make a ‘fun’ one, now and then,” says Ray. In 2004, he quit his job as Art Director at a video game company to pursue font design full-time. Ray spends most of his time on the computer doing what he’s happiest at: creating custom fonts and adding new fonts to his websites. “As long as the ideas keep coming,” says Ray, “I’ll keep making fonts.”