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Pen Swan Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Dathan Boardman (;) and Jen Maton (;)

Bis zu 7 Schriften / 1 Sparpakete
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Pen Swan is the latest offering from Jen Maton & Great Lakes Lettering. A Pen Swan is the species of an adult female swan. It is a fitting name as it contains ‘pen’ in the name which is the tool used to draw the letters. Pen swan demonstrates the same grace as the most elegant type of bird in the animal kingdom. It has a rolling gliding quality, as if the letters are waves forming spontaneously from your computer screen. Pen Swan is optimal for any project that needs an elegant touch. Great for Wedding Invites, Stationery, and Decorative prints.

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Pen Swan Std

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Pen Swan Std Bold

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Pen Swan Std Bold Italic

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Pen Swan Std Italic

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Pen Swan Std Monoline

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Pen Swan Std Monoline Italic

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Pen Swan Ornaments

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