Linotype Essentials™ 1 Value Pack

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D. Stempel AG (1902)

Linotype Essentials™ 1 Value Pack

Linotype Essentials™ 1

Now available as Value packs for instant download or on CD with physical shipping

125 high quality fonts covering most of your needs
Need the classics? Then the Linotype Essentials 1 is the right choice. It contains 125 of the typefaces which have proven themselves for decades and even centuries.
The highlights of this collection include the successful Neue Helvetica®, Times® Ten, Linotype Centennial® and Bauer Bodoni®, the ever-popular Futura®, Univers® and Frutiger®, plus the Optima®, the Gill® and three weights of the popular Künstler Script®, the Wilhelm Klingspor Gothic™ plus many others. This font collection builds the basis of any professional type library.
All fonts include the Euro symbol.
The font collection Linotype Essentials 2 expands this starting package by an additional 164 typefaces.
The complete Linotype Essentials package with Essentials 1 + 2 offers you a comprehensive palette of 289 high-quality fonts for a wide variety of applications.

New: For the Linotype Essentials 1 CD we offer now two delivery methods:
– Order Linotype Essentials 1 as Value Pack for instant download.
– Order Linotype Essentials 1 on CD and get it with physical shipping.