Tapeworm™ Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Lloyd Springer


Über Tapeworm™ Complete Family Pack

Tapeworm is a font family designed to simulate newspaper headlines which have been printed with a light ink coverage. The Tapeworm family includes solid versions of the regular and oblique speckled characters, allowing you to control the colour of the speckle by layering speckled characters over the same text set in solid characters. The solid versions have had all speckle removed, and also look very interesting when set on their own. One of the most useful effects you can create by using both the regular and solid Tapeworm fonts is an authentic smudge or ink misprint. This can be accomplished by colouring the solid fonts with a colour that is in between the colour of the speckled text and the colour of the background, and then layering the text as described above. In the PC version of this font family the style names are slightly different from those used in the Mac versions. But the fonts are otherwise identical.