Typo-Galerie – ITC Bauhaus

Font Designer: Edward Benguiat, 1975
ITC Bauhaus® was designed by Edward Benguiat and Victor Caruso based on the prototype created by Herbert Bayer of the Dessau Bauhaus in 1925. The simple geometric forms and even strokes give the font a clean and distinctive look. ITC Bauhaus is available in five weights, light, medium, demi, bold and heavy.
ITC Bauhaus font contains five weights: ITC Bauhaus light, ITC Bauhaus medium, ITC Bauhaus demi, ITC Bauhaus bold, ITC Bauhaus heavy.
Fonts in the style of ITC Bauhaus: Avenir®, Blippo, Futura®, ITC Ronda®, Pump™.
Let the outstanding quality of this typeface convince you.
Download a printable sample of ITC Bauhaus as a PDF.

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