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Innovative type designs available from all over the world – August 8, 2000

Bad Homburg, 8. August 2000.

The winning entries from the 3rd International Type Design Contest, organised by Linotype GmbH, were presented at the typo[media]2000 congress in Mainz and are now available on CD-ROM as the "Take Type™ 3" edition.The CD-ROM contains 139 type designs, including all the winning works from the con-test. For around 100 euro, Macintosh and Windows PC users have access to new, high-quality type creations from all o er the world in the categories of text faces, display faces and fun.

A high-calibre jury presided over the contest, the third since Linotype Library launched it in autumn 1998, and judged the entries according to very strict quality standards. The jury awarded a total of one 1st prize, five 2nd prizes and three 3rd prizes, as well as on Honorable Mention. The number of entries set a new record: roughly 1000 type designs were submitted by more than 60 type designers. The winners were guests of Linotype Library at the congress and come from three continents and seven countries, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Switzerland and the USA. Karin Schmidt-Friderichs of the Hermann Schmidt publishing house in Mainz hosted the festive award ceremony, a splendid addition to typo [media ]2000.

Winners of Linotype Library’s 3rd International Type Design Contest:

Text faces
1st prize: Linotype Conrad™ by Akira Kobayashi (Japan)
2nd prize: Linotype Projekt™ by Andreas Koch (Germany)
3rd prize: Linotype Really™ by Gary Munch (USA)

Display faces
2nd prize: Linotype Notec™ by Franciszek Otto (Poland)
2nd prize: Linotype Rezident™ by Paul van der Laan (Netherlands)
3rd prize: Linotype Belle™ by Isabelle Stutz (Switzerland)

2nd prize: Linotype Grassy™ by Inka Menne (Germany)
2nd prize: Linotype Henri Axsis™ by Stefan Pott (Germany)
3rd prize: Linotype Henri Dimension™ by Stefan Pott (Germany)

Special recognition (text faces)
Linotype Den Haag™ by Alexander Tarbeev (Russia)

The jury: Andrew Boag (GB), Irma Boom (NL), Adrian Frutiger (CH), Gabriele Günder (D), Bernd Möllenstädt (D), Jean Francois Porchez (F), Wolfgang Weingart (CH)

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