Get 80 new fonts with a click of the mouse – July 22, 2003

“SoTA Typography Award” conferred for the first time at a Linotype Lecture in Chicago

Bad Homburg, July 22, 2003 – Motivated by its success in online sales so far, Linotype Library is consequently expanding its offer. Under, from now on users can access 80 additional fonts with one mouse-click, among them 14 styles of Vialog with its arrows and pictograms in economy, society, transportation and sports that can be combined in any way desired.

“With this offer, we are taking into account the growing importance of symbols in visual communication,” stressed Bruno Steinert, General Manager of the Linotype GmbH in Bad Homburg, Germany. Expressive pictograms not only serve for fast orientation in foreign environments, but also increasingly for international communication since they cross language barriers and are understood by people from various backgrounds and cultures. The application areas of these indispensable aids are accordingly large: whether in airports or large events, Automatic Teller Machines or road maps – the space-saving markers tells quickly and wordlessly what’s happening.

Also new in the Linotype webshop are the 36 styles of Sassoon®, developed by Rosemary Sassoon and Adrian Williams, to teach beginning school children to read and write more easily. The system of printing and handwriting characters, which transform into each other, enables teachers to continually adjust writing exercises and texts according to pupils’ learning progress. Thus the customary shift from printing to handwriting characters during the first few school years is eliminated. In addition, Sassoon®, which was completely reworked by Linotype Library specialists and provided with a font-specific Euro symbol, is ideal for use in children’s books.

Linotype Textra™ also is available for the first time as an electronic version. “Two in one” describes the recipe for success of this practical, space-saving typeface from the German designer Jörg Herz and Jochen Schuss. Depending on type size, the clear, multi-use text font becomes a real eye-catcher with distinguished characters appropriate for headlines—hence the name “Textra”. Together with its extras, the typeface, made up of 15 styles, offers users nearly unlimited design potential.

Seven styles of the Ambigue™ and eight of the Scriptuale™ complete the expanded online offer. All typefaces are available for immediate download in the usual Linotype quality in PostScript and TrueType formats for Macintosh and Windows PC. “Beside the development and publishing of new typefaces, the continuous extension of the E-business is one of our highest priorities”, explained Steinert about the constant optimization of the virtual sales channel. “The selection and ordering of a font in the webshop must be so uncomplicated that the customer is happy to return.”

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Linotype GmbH, a division of the Heidelberg Group, was founded 116 years ago. Its headquarters are in Bad Homburg, Germany. Based on this long tradition Linotype Library develops state-of-the-art font technology, and today offers more than 5,500 original fonts, covering the whole typographic spectrum from antique to modern, from east to west, and from classical to experimental. Because of the browser and the navigation system FontExplorer, all of them (in PostScript™ and TrueType™ format) are available not only on CD, but also can be ordered online for instant download at
In addition to supplying digital fonts, Linotype Library also offers comprehensive and individual consultation and support services for font applications in worldwide (corporate) communications.
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