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Satero® Serif

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Satero® Serif Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Werner Schneider (2007)

Bis zu 5 Schriften / 5 Sparpakete
Unterstützt mindestens 33 Sprachen (Pro / OT CFF)

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Satero was designed by Prof. Werner Schneider in 2007. Never before have we had so much written material to consume; this is the age of mass-communication. Unfortunately, the decision of which typeface to use is too often made lightly. The typeface is one of the most elementary means of language, and it can play a major role in a text's legibility and the amount of time the reader needs for it.

The Satero Type System offers a high degree of legibility due to its dynamic and forms. The individual characters have been based on classical concepts. They are clearly made, and leave all unnecessary elements behind. The type works to create an environment of extreme legibility. Essential parts of the a, c, e, s, and r are to be found at the x-height line, which is the most important area of a line of text in determining legibility. The Satero Type System includes two members whose basic forms are the same. The Sans Serif members are more horizontally differentiated than common grotesques, which aides their legibility. The Serif design employs asymmetrical serifs, avoiding elephant feet" altogether. Their dynamic is progressive. The condensed nature of the seriffed counterparts is optimal for newspaper and magazine applications, where space is at a premium and paper must be saved.

All fonts in the Satero Type System include a number of alternate glyphs, as well as ligatures and proportional lining figures; all weights except the Heavy and Heavy Italic fonts are also equipped with small caps, small cap figures, and oldstyle figures as OpenType features. "

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Satero® Serif Selection

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