About Linotype Mano

The letters seem to touch each other – that is the main characteristic of a script font. While a true script font tries to imitate the original character of individual handwriting, the decisive difference with Mano is that no attempt is made to create seeming connections between the letters.

The limited selection of serviceable script fonts stems from the overall difficulty of convincingly simulating the connections that occur between letters when one writes quickly. English script fonts are a good example of how sensibly weighted strokes produced by concentrated writing and a broad nib can translate into striking letterforms and delicate connecting strokes. Another classic example is the brush font Mistral, which is unrivalled in terms of individual expressiveness. While an important characteristic of script fonts may be their very personal and subjective expression, it is also the reason why they are poorly suited to body copy.

Two true script fonts, Kuenstler Script™ and Mistral™, compared with Mano.

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