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Zapf Essentials® Schriftfamilie

Entworfen von  Hermann Zapf (2002)

Bis zu 1 Family / 1 Sparpakete
Unterstützt mindestens 21 Sprachen (Std / OT CFF)

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Linotype Zapf Essentials™ – A dynamic, versatile symbol font by Hermann Zapf

Available as Value Pack for instant download or on CD with physical shipping

Linotype Zapf Essentials™ is the modernized version of Zapf Dingbats and was designed by Hermann Zapf himself. Over 372 characters and symbols are included within six fonts and make life a little more communicative, a little more informative, and a lot more interesting. The fonts contain symbols for both professional and everyday uses. With their markers, ornaments and arrows they are informative as well as versatile, timeless and lively.

An interesting note to the story of Zapf Essentials™: in 1977, Hermann Zapf created about 1000 sketches of signs and symbols. ITC chose those which became known around the world as Zapf Dingbats. For a typesetter, dingbats are the characters in the corner of the type box which can be used for just about anything.

The last decade has seen the appearance of new symbols for e-mail, fax, mobile phones and other developments. These are now part of Linotype Zapf Essentials™, just as they are now a part of everyday life.

For Linotype Zapf Essentials™ we offer two delivery methods:
– Order Linotype Zapf Essentials™ as Value Pack for instant download.
– Order Linotype Zapf Essentials™ on CD and get it with physical shipping.
For a quick overview of the different Linotype Essentials™ variations, a flyer with the keyboard layout of each font is available. Please download:
pdf file english/german/french (103,1 kb)
Download pdf

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